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There is no better way to end off the day - enjoying wine and oysters on a relaxing boat cruise and taking in the magnificence of Knysna as our African sun starts to set over the lagoon. Indulge your inner romantic and join us onboard our "Oyster Boat" as we head off slowly towards the impressive Knysna Heads, and take in the splendor of the tranquil lagoon as the sun sets on another perfect day in Africa. Relax while you enjoy a glass of wine with a few fresh local oysters. The cruise is slow and leisurely, ultimately relaxing and one can't help but just sit back, and take it all in! The sunset cruise is a fully guided cruise and is inclusive of complimentary white wine and oysters for tasting. Visit the Knysna Charters site at www.knysnacharters.com. Enjoy this sunset cruise at a discounted price with local deals at I'm local. Save daily online with deals for locals in South Africa.

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