The Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town is a window into the spectacular oceans surrounding the southern African coast. Through displays ranging from the small and almost mythical Knysna seahorses, to large ragged-tooth sharks, the Aquarium holds wondrous discoveries around every corner. Be mesmerised by the swaying of the giant kelp in the aptly named Kelp Forest Exhibit – one of only three living kelp forest displays in the world. Or come face-to-face with giant spider crabs and have an adventurous tactile experience at the Touch Pool.

The Two Oceans Aquarium is the perfect non-weather dependant opportunity for divers to explore the underwater world of the oceans surrounding the Southern African coast. Qualified divers can dive in the I&J Predator Exhibit with ragged-tooth sharks, turtles and shoals of other predatory fish like kob, musselcracker and yellow tail. Or, if you have an advanced qualification, diving in the Kelp Forest will reveal the unique world of the Atlantic Ocean kelp forests to you. Diving in the Aquarium is an experience that you will not forget. All divers are accompanied by a dive master and underwater photography is allowed. Each dive is preceded by a briefing to familiarise divers with the animals that they will be encountering on the dive. Divers have the choice of either using their own dive gear, or to make use of the gear supplied by the Aquarium, which includes Reef wetsuits. The Aquarium supplies all divers with a cylinder and a Brightweights weight belt for their dive.

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