Golf has been played in Bloemfontein for a lot longer than some might realise, and long before the post-World War I golf
boom took place, there was a fanatical group of golfing diehards playing their beloved game in the Free State’s
capital city.

As in other major centres, the Victorian courses were modest affairs, carved out of virgin bush (or in the case of Bloem,
stark savanna veld). Rather curiously, as the game became evermore popular in Bloemfontein, two very fine 18-hole layouts came
into being – right next to each other.

The history of the game here is rather sketchy, but we do know that an advertisement appeared in The Friend newspaper calling on
interested parties to meet and form a golf club as early as 1894. By the end of this decade, before the outbreak of the Boer War, there
were 40 members of the Bloemfontein Golf Club, two of whom actually played off a scratch handicap.

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