Qualito Craft Distillery.

“To amble though our fascinating working craft-distillery is to walk in the footsteps of master-distillers Pierre and Loumarie Raubenheimer on their twenty-year-long quest towards the realization of their dream.”

Upon arrival in our historic hometown of Phalaborwa, you will be beguiled by bright sunshine, clean air and the unspoiled beauty of the Lowveld. Be prepared to discover many delicious secrets that are waiting to surprise and delight you here in the beautiful valley where the where Ga Selati and Olifants Rivers come together.

No visit to the region can be considered complete without a visit to the Qualito Craft Distillery. Here, where spirits are meticulously coaxed by hand from grain to glass, just one sip of any one of our meticulously crafted creations will assure you that you have embarked upon a truly delicious and remarkable journey of discovery.

The Distillery has come a long way since the founders began pouring their time andpassion into crafting infused vodkas, whiskey, gin and boutique cocktails ofuncompromising character and quality. We invite you to come and take your taste buds on a tour through the Distillery.
Now experience pure Single Grain Heimer Craft Whisky and our world-class Grey Hawk Classic Craft Gin. Splash out on our delicious range of Craft Vodka Infusions and icy cool Route 71 Craft Vodka Crush.

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