Kaapsehoop is situated near Nelspruit in the Mpumalanga.

Our scootour route is 6km downhill (the longest ongoing scootour track in the country) through the Berlin plantation and include several single tracks passing rock-formations, streams, waterfalls and the famous wild horses of Kaapsehoop.

A tour normally last two hours from the pick-up point and back. We can accommodate 9 persons with passengers (children under 9 years) at a time.

Lots of surprise activities along the route including a rope swing, blowgun target shooting, horseshoe pitching and slingshot shooting.

Apart from the scootours we also offer other activities that include a very informative village- (50 min) and scenic plantation tour (60 min) on our popular eco-friendly electric bikes (combination tour 90 min/ up to 9 persons at a time).

We can assist you to build a custom made program for your party (engagement parties, team building, office parties, children parties ext) by splitting them into smaller groups if necessary and according to your budget. We offer equine assisted personal growth and development programs. We can also make the duration of the scootours and other activities shorter to ensure that everyone gets a turn on each of it. Breakfast, picnics or dinner in the forrest can be provided.

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