This website is dedicated to the life and wellbeing of a very special creature named Jessica. Jessica is a 10year old female Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) who lives near Hoedspruit – South Africa. What makes Jessica so special and unique, is the fact that she’s a wild animal that interacts with humans in a rather different way than nature has intended. It is well believed that Hippos are some of the most dangerous and fearsome creatures in Africa and there are many accounts of Hippos attacking (and killing) people who invade their space or disrupt their routines.
With this animal, this is definitely not the case since she loves interaction with humans and she displays mind-boggling characteristics which makes us wonder about our approach towards wild animals. When considering the natural behavior of the species, it is hard to establish whether Jessica considers herself as human or us humans as fellow hippos? Due to her behavior, Jessica has become somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon and she has her own international fan-club. This site is the official Jessica-lovers’ portal where fan-club members can view and interact with her on a daily basis.

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