Used initially by a group of naval officers stationed at the nearby Simonstown base (who were mainly transitory), and a number of enthusiastic golfers from the area, the Clovelly Golf Links was formed, and was for a start, only a nine hole course.

It was several years after the Great Depression of the late 1920’s that Clovelly was rescued from closure by two entrepeneurs Gus Ackerman and Michael Pevsner who purchased the property and in 1932 formed the Clovelly Country Club which was officially opened in 1934.

The property was the farm “Klein Tuin”, and was purchased for the sum of 3 000 pounds. Gus Ackerman and Michael Pevsner’s stated purpose was “that the aforesaid land shall only be used for sporting and other activities of the Clovelly Country Club from the membership of which no person shall be debarred by reason of race, religious denomination or creed”.

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