The vision of Bankenveld Golf Club is to create a wonderful place for:

• Families to rejuvenate, nurture and spend time together.
• Friends to embrace each other with warmth, kindness, tolerance and a genuine respect for the golf course, other golfers and club guests.

It is our dream to create an extraordinary place:

• That inspires each of us to elevate life to the highest level.
• Where members’ pursuit of what truly matters in life. Each day we strive to inspire the spirit with an unwavering focus on the guiding principles of family, friendship and the spirit of the game.
• Where members, their families, and friends can always find a pleasant atmosphere, have lively fellowship, and be challenged by a modern golf course.

Bankenveld Golf Club expects every golfer to pledge his / her active support for this vision and in doing so, live up to the good golfer’s creed of R-E-S-P-E-C-T:

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