Archers of Zoo Lake is a community archery club located on the grounds of Zoo Lake. We offer lessons and training to anybody from absolute beginners to more advanced archers. We have superb coaching, well maintained equipment and an overall friendly atmosphere. Our range is an outdoor range and caters for distances of up to 90m. We take students from 8 years old up, and the great thing about archery is that you can take it up at any age! This is a sport that requires correct technique rather than brute strength, which is why it appeals to so many different types of people.

Equipment can be rented for beginners. We do not advise that you buy equipment until you have shot for a while – this is because your shooting style will most likely change as you progress and you could end up with equipment that no longer suits you after a few months. Our coaches are more than willing to advise you on what, and when, to buy equipment and they will take both your physical requirements and your budget into consideration.

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